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The Annual Staff Conference of RUDSET Institute for the year 2022 was held at “Sri Sannidhi”, Dharmasthala from 25th to 26th August 2022. The Conference was inaugurated by Poojya Dr Veerendra Heggadeji, President, RUDSET Institutes, Dharmasthala.

Dr Heggadeji, during his inaugural address said that RUDSETIs are gaining strength day by day due to development of leadership qualities. Earlier, opportunities were not available for people to grow. Nowadays, abundant opportunities are available to grow and flourish. Directors and Staff have to play an important role in changing the mindset of unemployed youth who are struggling to come up in their life.

Opportunities should be created for the unemployed youth to take up self-employment. Self-satisfaction and sense of achievement drive a person towards success. The quality of training and support provided to youth facilitates the institutes’ accessibility with the trainees. RUDSETI has a brand name built on its training quality and as a result, more and more women are getting training in RUDSETIs for their empowerment. In line with the expectations of MoRD, RUDSETIs should always accept challenges.

Shri S Jayakumar, General Manager, Canara Bank, Circle Office, Mangaluru in his key note address said RUDSETI is doing a wonderful work in creating job opportunities for the unemployed youth. Canara Bank will continue to provide support to RUDSETI in addressing the problem of unemployment. Credit linkage is most important in determining the settlement of trainees as trainees belong to lower strata of society. Directors in co-ordination with Bank Managers in their command area should ensure timely sanction of loan to eligible candidates. RUDSETI is infusing self confidence in unemployed youth and bringing out entrepreneurship qualities among them. RUDSETI is creating new wealth through creation of more entrepreneurs and changing India, he observed.

Shri N Sathiyamoorthy, Director General, National Academy of RUDSETI (NAR), Bengaluru said that due to visionary leadership of Dr D Veerendra Heggade, unemployed youth are getting productive identity and contributing to the development of the society. He called upon the participants to focus on settlement of trainees through follow up and credit linkage.

Shri Bipul Chandra Saha, National Director for RSETIs, National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs (NACER), Bengaluru said that the noble idea which has come up from a noble mind in 1982 in the form of RUDSETI has been accepted by the country to give self-employment to the rural poor. The Ministry of Rural Development is thinking of bringing more changes and improvements in the RSETI eco system through RSETI 2.0. Commitment, dedication and involvement of the Directors and staff made RUDSETI to grow day by day, he observed.

Shri Rajesh Ranjan Singh, Controller-Assessment and Quality Assurance, National Academy of RUDSETI, Bengaluru said that RUDSETIs are continuing good work under the guidance of Dr D Veerendra Heggade. He called upon the participants to conduct growth programmes which is a unique one in giving proper direction to the existing entrepreneurs to have further growth in selected businesses. Responsibilities and challenges are bigger while designing new training programmes in tune with the framework stipulated by MoRD. The Conference has brought lot of changes in the mind and attitude of Directors and Faculty members resulting in continuous improvement in the functioning of RUDSETIs, he remarked.

Shri Giridhar Kallapur, Executive Director of RUDSETIs welcomed the guests and the participants and presented highlights of the performance of RUDSETIs for 2021-22 and upto 31.07.2022 in the current Financial Year. Shri Suresh M, Director, RUDSETI, Ujire proposed vote of thanks. Smt Anasooya, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Ujire compeered the programme.

Shri Bipul Chandra Saha, National Director for RSETIs, National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs, Bengaluru said that each Institute has to exercise cautious approach as Ministry is trying to collect information about the impact of training programmes directly from trainees without the knowledge of the training Institute. In the same way, private NGOs also are trying to claim their status in RUDSETI and want to become competitors. The legacy, value of RUDSETI and image of Dr D Veereandra Heggade should be protected. Mobilisation of candidates is most important and proper screening should be done before selecting right candidate for the training. Optimum utilization of infrastructure facilities and human resources plays an important role in achieving the target. He stressed the importance of credit linkage to improve settlement and advised the participants to send loan applications of eligible candidates to Banks and follow up at regular intervals. He explained in detail the points to be noted and procedure to be followed for reimbursement of rural poor claims from SRLM. While conducting training programmes, he asked the participants to concentrate on reaching the target under vital parameters keeping in tune with the grading and CNN guidelines.

In the afternoon, Shri Y V Gundu Rao, Trainer, Bengaluru handled sessions on Relationship Management: An Organisational Perspective, Changing World and Importance of maintaining relationship at the work place and with all the Stakeholders. He highlighted the importance of updating/upgrading the knowledge/skill from time to time in the changing world to become effective trainers through examples. He also highlighted the reasons for conflict in relationship among Staff, its effects on the functioning of the Institute and importance of maintaining cordial relationship at the work place and with all the stakeholders to achieve the desired goals.

After tea break, review of the performance of institutes started. Kannur and Mysuru Institutes presented their performance.

The review of the performance of other Institutes continued on the second day.Shri Giridhar Kallapur, Executive Director of RUDSETIs and Shri Sanjeet Kumar, Senior Manager, Canara Bank, R D Section, HO, Bengaluru participated in the review. They expressed concern about decrease in applications sponsored by Banks, follow up meets, credit linkage and EAPs conducted and advised to improve by giving focused attention. Wherever land is allotted and building work is going on, they advised the Institutes to give top priority and ensure to complete the work at the earliest. They also stressed the importance of keeping the premises and the campus clean and inculcating discipline among trainees to have better impact on them.

Dr D Veerendra Heggade, President of RUDSET Institutes, during valedictory, recalled the humble beginning of RUDSETI in 1982 at Ujire to mitigate the problem of unemployment. The commitment and dedication of Directors and Sponsor Banks over the period has made RUDSETI a professional organization and contributed towards growth of the country. The Conference is a platform for exchange of views. It provides an opportunity to take out good things and implement in other areas if found practicable. Activities of RUDSETIs are watched not only at National level but also Internationally. Generation of applications plays an important role in conducting good training programmes. Good liaison is to be maintained with the Government Departments for better support. RUDSETI concept should be valued and understood properly. He called upon the participants to rededicate themselves to the cause of self-employment.

Shri Sanjeet Kumar, Senior Manager, Canara Bank, R D Section, HO, Bengaluru said that an opportunity is given to the Directors and Faculty members to serve the rural poor people who need support, guidance and training, while working in RUDSETI. Interacting with them and seeing smiles on their faces will definitely give more satisfaction. The youth usually lack focused approach during the beginning of the training. The responsibility of Directors and Faculty members is more in changing the mindset of unemployed youth. Maintain the quality of the training and be judicious while incurring expenditure. During the deliberations, he requested all the participants to focus on cost cutting and settlement of rural poor claims. He called upon the participants to focus on Startup Innovation field which will enhance the reputation and image of the Institute in the eyes of the District administration.

Shri Giridhar Kallapur, Executive Director of RUDSETIs presented the brief report of the Conference and said that Staff Conference is organised to give impetus to continue good work done by the predecessors. Shri Arakhit Das, Director, RUDSETI, Bhubaneshwar, Smt Suman Lata Sharma, Director, RUDSETI, Nadiad, Shri Ajay Kumar Pathak, Director, RUDSETI, Nadiad and Shri P Veeraragavan, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Madurai shared their experiences. Smt Anasooya, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Ujire compeered the programme.

Certificates of Excellence were awarded to the top Institutes for their outstanding achievements.


First Prize – RUDSETI, Hajipur

Second Prize – RUDSETI, Baran

Third Prize – RUDSETI, Chitraduga


First Prize – RUDSETI, Bhopal

Second Prize – RUDSETI, Vijayapura

Third Prize – RUDSETI, Brahmavara

26 Directors and 25 Faculty members participated in the Conference. The Conference was utilised for experience sharing, updated information on the latest developments, solutions to the practical problems and other challenges faced by the Directors and the Faculty members through participatory mode.