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Workshop on MIS for Office Assistants of RUDSETI was inaugurated on 18th October 2019 by              Prof S Prabhakar, Vice President, SDME Society, Ujire.

Prof S Prabhakar, Vice President, SDME Society, Ujire during his inaugural address, recalled the earlier days of RUDSETI which was started on experimental basis way back in 1982 and felt that RUDSETI concept could not have been a success but for the support from both the sponsor banks. RUDSETIs have become leaders through qualitative training programmes. RUDSETIs are transforming unemployed youth to become useful citizens of the country through inputs on personality development and human relations. The concept of Skill India and Make in India announced by Government of India was taken by Dr D Veerendra Heggade way back in 1982 through RUDSETIs. He advised the participants to protect the environment, keep the environment clean, preserve the water & natural resources, and improve the thinking and reconditioning the standard of living of poor people. 

Sri P Santhosh, National Director of RSETIs, National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs (NACER), Bengaluru, said that RUDSETIs are the pioneer in the present RSETI movement. A spark is generated in Ujire under the visionary leadership of Dr D Veerendra Heggade for upliftment of poverty. The concept and success of RUDSETIs made MoRD to replicate the model and as a result, 585 RSETIs are working in the country. New beginning was made at Dharmasthala by way of organising Workshop on MIS for Office Assistants. Any initiative taken by Dharmasthala will have a big impact. This workshop would also serve as the foundation for other RSETIs to conduct similar such workshops. Office Assistants are playing an important role in the day to day work of the Institutes as on the lines of Faculty members. Enrichment in their knowledge would definitely contribute to the growth development of the Institute. MIS is useful in getting all the important information by a click of mouse. A thorough understanding of MIS will benefit Office Assistants in discharging their duties effectively.

Sri Ramakrishna B Mane, State Director of RSETIs, NACER, Karnataka was present on the occasion. Invoking the blessings of Almighty by Kumari Kshiti Rai, student of SDM English Medium School, Ujire, Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs welcomed the guests and the participants and emphasised the importance of data collection, MIS, role and responsibilities of Office Assistants. Sri Vinay Kumar C, Director, RUDSETI, Ujire proposed vote of thanks. Smt Anasooya, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Ujire compeered the programme.

After inauguration, Sri N R Srinivasa Murthy, Senior Faculty, National Academy of RUDSETI, Bengaluru handled session on Achievement motivation. In his session he urged the participants to notice that, when a person gets promotion or success, it is the attitude of the person, which contributes more compared to intelligence and knowledge. He stressed the need for achievement motivation, importance of attitude, shouldering responsibility and the factors hindering the success in detail with elicit examples.

Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs in his session, driven the point that “don’t waits for somebody to push you, Instead push yourself in order to excel in any area of performance”. The participants were made aware of what is “Nyaya and Dharma” and the importance of following Dharma while performing duties. Time is so short that we have to leave our foot print in the organisation before leaving the organisation by excelling in our work. He explained in detail on the Guidelines of Common Norms Notification by MoRD such as duration of the training programmes, use of adequate training equipments and certified trainers, implementation of AEBAS, settlement and credit linkage, reimbursement of training expenses, certification and assessment, advocacy and brand building.

In the afternoon session, Sri P Santhosh, National Director of RSETIs, NACER, Bengaluru handled a session on administration of the Institute. Lot of changes have taken place in the administration of training including implementation of Common Norms Notification by MoRD. Apart from regular work, Office Assistants should be in a position to shoulder the responsibility in case of emergency such as absence of both the Director and Faculty members. He also advised the participants to inform the trainees to register their names in NIC app and e hat and upload the photos of the products prepared by them to facilitate marketing of the products.

After tea break, Smt Anasooya and Sri Abraham James, Senior Faculty members, RUDSETI, Ujire handled  session on Micro lab, wherein the participants were subjected to a structured exercise consisting of a series of physical activities in small groups of 2-3 members and sharing their experiences / thoughts and feelings on a particular given topic. The game played with the objective of shedding their inhibitions, mix freely with other fellow participants, maximizing interaction and stimulating the participants to think. The participants enthusiastically involved in the exercise and intensively shared their feelings with other participants.

On the second day, Sri Ramakrishna B Mane, State Director of RSETIs, NACER, Karnataka handled a session on role & responsibilities of Office Assistants, maintaining of books of records and upkeep of the premises. He highlighted the role to be played by Office Assistants through registration and attendance of candidates, maintaining and updating general ledger, cash book, library book, fixed asset register, updating data in MIS, trainees follow up cards, preparation of periodical reports and upkeep of the premises.

Later video conference was held with Sri Srinivas Shenoy, Chief Operating Officer, CREDO Infotech, Bengaluru. Participants asked questions with regard to kaushal panjee registration, gender change, candidate drop out problem, follow up date change, generating report as per Monthly Progress Report and 50 batch report of CS, details of SHG members etc. and get clarified their doubts.

After lunch, the participants were divided into four groups and the following topics were assigned to two groups each: Improving follow up meets and improving image building activities. Each group presented its views on the topic given and gave suggestions for further improvement of RUDSETIs.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The valedictory programme was held on 19th October 2019. Dr D Veerendra Heggade, President of RUDSET Institutes, in his presidential address said that a humble beginning was made during 1982 by starting RUDSETI. The collective team efforts of Directors and Staff members made RUDSETIs to grow day by day.

Lot of changes are taking place in the country as women are coming forward to work in all sphere of life along with men. Equal opportunities are created for both men and women to work together. RUDSETIs are responsible for transforming so many people from ordinary youth to excellent entrepreneurs and successful business magnets. If the entrepreneur wants to become successful, he/she should try to find out new areas where competition is not there. Entrepreneurs should earn through honesty, follow principles and hard work and not to carry away by short term profits. The goal should be long term and realistic. Change in the attitude is the basic, which leads to success in every business.

Quoting an example he said that If the bus is new, but the driver is old man, bus will not reach its destination in time. Similarly, if the bus is old, but the driver is young man, in such cases also bus will not reach its destination in time. On the same lines, if the Director is young, but the Staff are old, Institute will not achieve the target in time. If the Director is old, but the Staff are young, Institute will also not achieve the target in time. There should be a proper combination of both Director and Staff in the Institute to achieve the desired result. He called upon the participants to take care of the trainees and see that they can go back with common commitment that he/she will succeed. He wished that the Conference would increase the efficiency and commitment of the participants thereby the success rate in future.

Sri P Santhosh, National Director of RSETIs, NACER, Bengaluru said that whatever the work starts from Dharmasthala has a mesmerizing effect. The divine and serenity atmosphere add value to it. Working in RUDSETIs will give you real satisfaction as Institute is directly involved in the welfare of the beneficiaries.  Stones are polished to get diamonds. In the same way, trainees are polished through training to become diamonds thereby to become useful citizens of the country.

Sri Ramakrishna B Mane, State Director of RSETIs, NACER, Karnataka was present during the valedictory. Earlier Kumari Kshiti Rai, student of SDM English Medium School, Ujire rendered invocation. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs presented the brief report of the Conference and welcomed the guests. Sri Dasharath Mahto, Office Assistant, RUDSETI, Ranchi, Smt Pranita Panda, Senior Office Assistant, RUDSETI, Bhubaneshwar, Sri Abdul Iliaz Ahmad, Senior Office Assistant, RUDSETI, Ananthapuramu and Ms Reena Kumari, Office Assistant, RUDSETI, Jalandhar shared their experiences and gave feedback on the 2 days Workshop on MIS. Sri Vinay Kumar C, Director, RUDSETI, Ujire proposed vote of thanks. Smt Anasooya, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Ujire compeered the programme.

47 Office Assistants participated in the Workshop. The two day Workshop was utilised for experience sharing, peer learning, updated information on the latest development relating to the concerned field, getting solutions to the practical problems and other aspects faced by the Office Assistants through participatory mode with the NACER, CS and more importantly under the divine presence of Poojya Heggadeji.