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Annual Staff Conference of RUDSETI was inaugurated on 19th September 2019 by Poojya                    Dr Veerendra Heggadeji, President, RUDSET Institutes, Dharmasthala.

Dr Heggadeji, during his inaugural address advised RUDSETIs to begin training in a humble way, but the impact of the training should speak in a big way. Big success merely does not mean big monetary benefits. Even a small change in satisfaction, social security, attitude and earning power of entrepreneurs will have a great impact on their level of living. The purchasing power of the people and income generation activities has increased in the recent days and as a result, lot of business opportunities are available in small villages. He advised the entrepreneurs to start their ventures in rural areas by making use of available resources and inculcate sincerity, honesty and commitment in order to win the confidence of customers. Since online service is gaining momentum now a day, he called upon the trainees to start online business to provide services at the door steps of the customers.

Apart from skill training, inputs on human values, ethical and moral education made the trainees to become useful citizens of the country and leading dignified life in the society. More than 37 lakhs of unemployed youth have been trained through 586 RSETIs spread across the country so far, he concluded. 

Sri M Venkatesh, Managing Director and Additional Charge Director (Finance), Mangaluru Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL), Mangaluru who was the chief guest, appreciated the idea of Dr D Veerendra Heggade in imparting skill training through RUDSETIs focusing on the development of rural areas. He expressed his happiness that more than 4.60 lakh unemployed youth trained in RUDSETIs are the game changers and they are really changing their personality, changing their own way of living and the nation. One of the most important development tool is, empowerment of youth by imparting knowledge and creating skills for self-sustainability through innovation.

India is facing shortage of energy. We have to focus on finding out different ways of producing more energy for the development of the nation. In addition to this, our focus should be on preserving our environment by limiting the use of plastics. He called upon the Directors and Faculty members to design new programmes on user friendly carry bags and covers in place of plastics.

Sri Sairam Hegde, GM, SyndicateBank, GAD, HO, Manipal thanked Dr D Veerendra Heggadeji for giving an opportunity to SyndicateBank to serve the unemployed youth. RUDSETIs are the brain child of Dr D Veerendra Heggade who is continuously and relentlessly monitoring the activities of RUDSETIs for the last 37 years. Total dedication and involvement of all the Directors, setting standards for trainees, trainers and training programmes, highest discipline and conviction and two years hand holding facilities had resulted in making trainees to become useful citizens of the country through change in their personality. He advised the Directors and Faculty members to maintain the highest standards of RUDSETI and to follow the set procedures and practices in order to make RUDSETI as a role model to others. As, serving in RUDSETI is a god given opportunity to serve the needy people and to improve their standard of living, he called upon the participants to make best use of this opportunity given. 

Sri S Anbukkarasu, DGM, Canara Bank, FI Wing, HO, Bengaluru said that RUDSETIs presence should be felt in its command areas, by means of publicity and this regard, Directors and Faculty members should make use of opportunities available by participating in each and every forum like participation in BLBC, DLRC etc. As Govt is not in a position to give employment to all the needy people, great responsibility lies on RUDSETIs in making unemployed youth to earn decent income through self-employment training. It is not important to serve merely for three years in the Institutes, but how best one can leave an indelible mark, foot prints  in the Institutes, with in the specified time ,by rendering  good work. 

Smt Priya, trained in RUDSETI, Kannur, Smt Savitri, trained in RUDSETI, Dharwad,                          Smt Durga, trained in RUDSETI, Madurai and Sri Jeevan, trained in RUDSETI, Ujire all successful entrepreneurs shared their journey of success from an ordinary persons to a well-known entrepreneurs. They shared how training at RUDSETIs, had infused in them, to imbibe entrepreneurship and confidence to face the world. They narrated their success stories through video presentation. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs welcomed the guests and the participants and presented highlights of the performance of RUDSETIs for 2018-19. Sri Vinay Kumar C, Director, RUDSETI, Ujire proposed vote of thanks. Among others Smt Anasooya, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Ujire compeered the programme. Sri P Santhosh, National Director for RSETIs, National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs, Bengaluru and Sri Krishna Murthy, Senior Manager, Canara Bank, HO, Bengaluru are present on the occasion.

In the afternoon session, Sri Vasudev Kalkundri, Director, National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs, Bengaluru explained in detail about the importance of infrastructure facilities for conducting training programme, emphasis on pre training practices to generate more number of applications for training programme, importance of registration of candidates in Biometric portal, thumb impression of candidates in Biometric device, conducting training programmes by following the training schedule,  emphasis on post training practices to facilitate better credit linkage and settlement, uploading the data of candidates in MIS, conducting of more credit camps, sharing of success stories in the presentation of Institute activities to have better impact, maintaining good rapport with all the stake holders and to give wide publicity about the activities of Institute to reach more people in a short time. Later he coordinated the review of performance of six Institutes. Sri P Santhosh, National Director for RSETIs, National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs who was present on the occasion explained about procedure of grading of RUDSETIs. He stressed the importance of credit linkage to improve settlement rate. He explained in detail about the importance of assessment and certification by third party as part of CNN in the coming days. He called upon the participants to create opportunities for the development of clusters.

After tea break, Sri S Anbukkarasu, DGM, Canara Bank, FI Wing, HO, Bengaluru joined the review of Institutes along with Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETI.                    Sri S Anbukkarasu, DGM, Canara Bank advised the Directors to compulsorily attend BLBC meeting and made all out efforts to place  application of trainees as an agenda item in the meeting so that fruitful discussions will take place in the meeting thereby credit linkage will improve. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETI who was present in the review advised the Institutes to impress upon the bankers to sponsor and sanction at least two applications in a year by each bank branch in their district. He added that there may be around 350 bank branches in each  district and if each bank branch sanctions just two loans in a year, to our trainees the credit linkage will improve automatically. According to CNN, each Institute has to record settlement rate of 70% year wise. Hence, Directors have to make proper planning of follow up visits, so that 70% settlement rate criteria could be achieved. With regard to conducting of EAPs, he advised the Directors and Faculty members to display banners depicting facilities available including dormitory, dining, class rooms, work shed, computer lab, yoga hall etc. which will catch the attention of the participants and have a long lasting impact on the people who attend EAPs. He further added that each Institute should strive hard to enhance the image of RUDSETI in its command area, by conducting free mobile, two wheeler serving, conducting free saloon services at old age homes, orphanages etc.        

In the post evening, Dr L H Manjunath, Executive Director, SKDRDP, Dharmasthala presented the achievements of Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRDP). He highlighted the achievements of various rural development, community development, sanitation, financial inclusion, safe drinking water, de-addiction, sampoorna suraksha, hygiene, nutrition, cashless transaction, scholarship, medicines and crematorium projects taken up by SKDRDP and awards received and expressed that many people/organisations have come forward to replicate the Project. The achievement of the project is mainly due to the efforts of visionary leader Dr D Veerendra Heggade, he opined. The house interacted with him and appreciated the achievements. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETI was present at the meeting.

Later, Directors of few institutes had the opportunity to interact one to one with the President. Dr D Veerendra Heggade reviewed the performance and gave suggestions for bringing in improvements in the functioning of the units. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs was present during the review.

The review of the performance of institutes continued on the second day. Participating in the review, Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs expressed his concern about number of programmes conducted, number of trainees trained, sponsorship, follow up meets, credit linkage and EAPs conducted as they are below the target level and advised to improve by giving focused attention. He stressed the importance of keeping the premise of the campus clean and inculcating discipline among trainees to have better impact on them. He advised the participants to conduct few training programmes targeting socially deprived people like Transgender Members, Jail Inmates, Differently Abled People, Sex Workers etc. to create good image among public.

Later, the participants were divided into seven groups and each group was assigned with certain topic for discussion. The topics were 1) Looking beyond Targets 2) Suggestions for making RUDSET Institutes a self-sustaining units 3) Year-2025 where you would like to see RUDSETI 4) Strategies to meet challenges post Common Norms 5) How to improve share of Rural Poor candidates for training programmes and suggestions for improving credit linkages, 6) How do you handhold our trainees to sustain and grow further who are just settled and 7) How to secure AA grade? How to improve grading so that institute can secure AA grade? Each group was advised to discuss among themselves in the evening and to come prepare for presentation on the topics given next day. 

After tea break, Sri D T Ramanujam, Proprietor, Focus Academy, Mysuru handled a session on How to “BETTER THE BEST” in RUDSETI? Citing several day to day examples, he stressed the need to improve the work day by day in order to become number one Institute. He highlighted the importance of developing self-confidence, skills, positive mental attitude, passion, innovation, decisiveness, persistence, communication, inspiration and accountability which will play a major role in doing work from BETTER TO BEST.    

In the evening, Directors and faculty members of all other institutes who could not meet Heggadeji on the first day had the opportunity to interact one to one with President                Dr D Veerendra Heggade. Poojya Heggadeji  reviewed the performance and gave suggestions for bringing in improvements in the functioning of each unit. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs was present during the review.

Last day, Mrs Polavaram Champakavalli, Project Director, NIRD, Hyderabad interacted with the participants and enquired about the latest progress of building construction of few institutes to which grants have been released by NIRD and advised the institutes to complete building construction early.

Thereafter, the groups presented their views on the topics given to them and gave suggestions for further improvement of RUDSETIs. Sri Vasudev Kalkundri, Director, National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs, Bengaluru coordinated the group presentation.

Dr D Veerendra Heggade, President of RUDSET Institutes, during valedictory, addressed the participants and said that the purpose of the Conference is to review the progress made by each Institute and to motivate both well performers and least performers to perform better in the coming years. RSETIs are watching RUDSETIs, as RUDSETIs are role models to them. RUDSETIs have reached the expectation of MoRD by exceeding the targets fixed. Self-confidence is most important for the success of an individual or organisation. Dr Heggadeji advised the Directors Faculty members to perform better and better in the coming days.

Sri Y Nageswara Rao, Special Officer on Duty and Whole Time Director, SyndicateBank, CO, Bengaluru said that RUDSETIs has changed lifestyle of many people across the country. Involvement and guidance given by Dr D Veerendra Heggade is an indication that how close to his heart RUDSETIs are. The passion, dedication and leadership by Dr Heggade made RUDSETIs to become role model to other RSETIs. Loving the work, loving the people and loving the place will take the Institutes to a greater heights and further strengthen the RUDSETI movement for the betterment of the people who are looking at us for their dire needs.    

Mrs A Manimekhalai, Executive Director of Canara Bank said that recession is going on in the country at present and as a result, employment opportunities are diminishing, losing of jobs and few industries are closing down. In this context, RUDSETIs have to play an important role in promoting self-employment opportunities to the needy people. The activities of RUDSETIs should be given more publicity so that more and more people will get benefit from RUDSETIs, she concluded.


Sri T Manivannan, GM, SyndicateBank, PSCD, CO, Bengaluru, Sri P P Thangavelu, GM, Canara Bank, FI Wing, HO, Bengaluru, Sri Bhaskar Hande, GM, SyndicateBank, ZO, Manipal, Sri B Yogish Acharya, GM, Canara Bank, CO, Mangaluru, Prof S Prabhakar, Secretary, SDME Trust, Ujire, Sri P Santosh, NDR, NACER, Bengaluru and Sri R R Singh, DG, NAR, Bengaluru were present during the valedictory. Earlier in the valedictory function, Sri Basavaraj Sanapa, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Vijayapura rendered invocation. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs presented the brief report of the Conference and welcomed the guests. Sri Sanjay Dhingra, Director, RUDSETI, Gurugram, Sri Rajendra Kaggodi, Director, RUDSETI, Dharwad and Sri N Abhilash, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Kannur shared their experiences and gave feedback on the 3 days Annual Staff Conference.                                Sri G Suryanaraya Murthy, Director, RUDSETI, Ongole proposed vote of thanks.               Smt Anasooya, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Ujire compeered the programme.


After lunch break, Sri Bhaskar Hande, GM, SyndicateBank, ZO, Manipal interacted with the Directors and Faculty members and said that money is to be judiciously used by both Bankers and Entrepreneurs in the sense that whether one rupee invested can generate another one rupee. Money is to be invested where it is supposed to be invested. Govt cannot provide employment to all the people. RUDSETIs should identify the needy people, train them and help them to start their ventures. No entrepreneur can become highly successful  entrepreneur or highly successful industrialist unless he has got honesty, integrity, discipline and confidence. The entrepreneurs should maintain books of records so that they will be in a position to reduce the avoidable expenditure to have control over their ventures. He advised all the participants to collect feedback from trainees after the training and to have repeat rehearsal of the entrepreneurs preferably after the end of one year and enquire their progress so that problems/hurdles faced if any can be solved. This will have impact on both settlement and credit linkage. He advised the Directors to make self-evaluation at regular intervals for bringing improvements in the functioning of the institute.


Sri T Manivannan, GM, SyndicateBank, PSCD, CO, Bengaluru participated in the Sponsors session. Interacting with the Directors, he said that Dharmasthala is called as the land of Dharma in the sense that any negativity in the mind of people who are visiting Dharmasthala will be wiped out. In the same way, Directors should wiped out negativity in the mind of trainees and infuse confidence so that they will become useful citizens of the country. He advised the Directors to scan the environment and design new programmes which are need based and having good employment opportunities instead of conducting traditional training programmes. RUDSETIs should identify the potential of the project of a trainee and convince the concerned branch manager to sanction loan. He advised the Directors to continue to do the good work and try to develop more entrepreneurs.

As a part of Annual Staff Conference, a concurrent session of the Faculty members of RUDSETI was held. Sri M Janardhan, Executive Director of RUDSETIs interacted with the Faculty members. As the performances of few Institutes are not up to the expected level, he advised them to devise strategies to meet the target fixed well before the year end. Executive Director explained the importance of not only reaching the target fixed but also exceed the target beyond the margin in order to meet the expectation of Sponsors. He called upon the Faculty members to evince keen interest and involve themselves in each and every activity of the Institute. He advised the Faculty members to share their ideas with their counterparts, get feedback and implement if found suitable. He assured all support from Central Secretariat for their capacity building and improvement of their working conditions.

Sri R R Singh, Director General, National Academy of RUDSETI, Bengaluru interacting with the Directors and Faculty members said that NAR is going to have a scientific study called training need analysis of a new training designed by RUDSETIs/RSETIs and its potential for the next 5 to 10 years before aligning with Common Norms. NAR is going to have a kind of satellite call centre in order to collect feedback from trainees about the quality of the training, facilities available and reason for not starting the venture and the problems faced. He also explained the importance of certification and assessment by third party.

In the end, Award of Excellence Certificates was given to the selected Institutes for their outstanding achievements.

Innovative Training Programmes “RUDSETI, Ghaziabad

Credit Linkage “RUDSETI, Bhopa”

Mobilisation of Funds “RUDSETI, Vijayapura”

Publicity “RUDSETI, Madurai”



Beyond Call of Duty

Sri Ranjit Kumar Karn, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Gurugram

Sri Abhilash N, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Kannur

Sri Dinesh Tomar, Faculty, RUDSETI, Ghaziabad

Smt Roshni C, Faculty, RUDSETI, Kannur

Sri Suryaprasad Mishra, Senior Faculty, RUDSETI, Bhubaneshwar

27 Directors and 45 Faculty members participated in the Conference. The three day Conference was utilised for experience sharing, peer learning, updated information on the latest development relating to the concerned field, getting solutions to the practical problems and other aspects faced by the Directors and the Faculty members through participatory mode with the Executives of Sponsor Banks, NACER, NAR, CS and more importantly under the divine presence of Poojya Heggadeji.